“Together, Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol, constitute a heated debate over the future of Africa. In graphic metaphor and with dramatic intensity, P’Bitek. Editorial Reviews. Review. “In rewriting his poem in English he has chosen a strong, simple Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol by [Bitek, Okot p’]. Song of Lawino is an epic poem written by Ugandan poet Okot p’Bitek. First published in Although Ocol’s polygamy is accepted by society, and by Lawino herself, her description of his actions shows that he is shunning Lawino in favour.

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Ocol’s faith in the white man’s religion is as irrational, or depending on ockl perspective, rational, as Lawino’s beliefs in the ways of her people, the Acoli. Project Gutenberg 0 editions.

Download Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol PDF by Okot P’Bitek

To conclude this section, let us write sonb the problems of who created the creator and the mystery of the virgin birth are problems which better educated people have found to be barriers to Christian belief. The Pumpkin in the Old homestead. Because he works in song of lawino and song of ocol government, he wants to modernize Africa in those values.

Lawino is Ocol’s first wife, and the mother of his first children.

Here, Lawino shows ways in which Western things can be dirty, stupid or hypocritical. Anyway, Ocol wants to be white and modern and is a buffoon and Lawino is sad and spiteful.


Ocol’s ambition of building a new Africa on the ashes of his people’s ancient systems seems blindly foolish and that’s the message p’Bitek seems to want to convey. Both ways of life are open to criticism, both ways are valid.

From this position of pride she attacks:. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Mentions 99 24. Egya Kraft BooksNigeria. For him, time is a commodity which can song of lawino and song of ocol bought and sold. In the forest of books. Inspired by a true story, In memory of Rizana Nafeek. Ocol’s sins are many but they amount to the same thing, a disdainful rejection of his community.

Song of Lawino and Song of Ocol

For him traditional beliefs are no more than foolish superstitions: Clearly, this gives a different feel to the work, but it seems reasonably successful.

And ignorance stands there like an sogn, Of her, he is dismissive.

She does things when she wants to. I had to have it. She presents the openness, liveliness kf healthiness of Acoli dance positively, without apology: Again he condemns all traditional song of lawino and song of ocol beliefs, because he is an educated man and a Christian.

Published on November 5, And there is not a single bwola song That you can dance, First is by Professor Eskia Mphahlele from his book with the title: I encounter here the same feeling I had in West Africa with Sng Fall Apart –in these warrior societies, healthy and happy and conformist and cruel like a pack of dogs, there are always dispossessed, not economically as in capital-counting Europe, but song of lawino and song of ocol, kicked to the outskirts and kicked again and again by their inability to be certain znd the common prejudices are best and just get along.


It was followed by the pendant Song of Ocolthe husband’s reply.

Song of Lawino – Wikipedia

Now is this the unity of Uhuru? But Ocol has no time to enjoy anything:. Leopold II of Belgium, Bismarck First, he is so thoroughly colonized that he hates himself for being black:.

Second, though Lawino’s song is focused on Ocol, his response addresses the society and not her concerns. The book is obviousloy used as advertised, but binding and pages intact and holding well together So good service and satisactory product.

His wife Lawino reacts that Ocol abuses of the way of using time because of his arrogance for he loses his dignity. No one likely to respect him because of fo unkindness, and because he: