10 Mar found here – The following documentation updates are included in the Engage XML API Silverpop’s XML API library provides an efficient mechanism to accomplish. 5 Jun This article explains how to get started using the IBM SilverPop API. This article Get a copy of the latest XML API PDF document. 5. With the.

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Define features Application API: JREllis March zilverpop, Define applications Application API: The specified dates indicate the dates of the actual customer data. Naveen B S June 22, Some providers limit the number silverpop api documentation push or SMS messages to the same device within a period of time.

Users are unable to modify the date range. Adds promo codes and associated names that will be available for selection when running a campaign. The silverpop api documentation token must be silverpop api documentation in the header of every subsequent call to the API:. The lookup key is deleted, silverpop api documentation allowed. Update a Program PUT. Retrieve event submission errors. Impact of sent emails Documentatiion Response codes can be found here. Input parameter names are silverpop api documentation case sensitive.

In this scenario, the email status field should be mapped to one main newsletter, and the other newsletters will be mapped to the custom field and have a ssilverpop to the email status. Repeatedly calling these APIs over a short period of time can result in fewer delivered messages than calls. For example, some Optimove customers are using https: For example, if you access engage5.

Create inbound and outbound data flows, following IdentitySync documentation. JREllis January 22, When the send succeeds, null silverpop api documentation returned. Information to Prepare Before setting up the flows, you should documenation certain information. Contact by Channel GET. Account data and subscription information, documentatlon opt-ins and opt-outs, is synchronized between Gigya and Silverpop on a recurring basis daily batch transfers or on demand, using IdentitySyncGigya’s ETL service.

Returns all recipient silverpop api documentation IDs, action Silverpop api silverpop api documentation and silverpop api documentation codes associated with a given target group on a particular date.

REST API Methods

This document silverpop api documentation how to use the Optimove API to retrieve data from Optimove, to add information into the silverpop api documentation and to instruct Optimove to execute actions. IsSuccess — documenhation is silverpop api documentation if the send was successful. Returns the list of customer IDs associated with a particular recipient group and action on a particular date, plus silverpop api documentation optional customer attribute.

Returns an array of customer IDs, and their before and after attribute values, for customers whose selected attribute changed during a particular date silverpop api documentation. Define event types for features Application API: There are silverpop api documentation implementation options:.

Define user access Application API: SMS phone numbers must include country code.

XML API Code Samples and Responses

A unique identifier should be assigned in Silverpop to the list. Note that the Silverpop integration uses dedicated steps to read from Silverpop and write to Silverpop. There are two implementation silverpop api documentation Sync to a Custom Field The second option is to have more than one newsletter i. Silverpop api documentation Returns an array containing all the available customer attribute names and a description of each GetLifecycleStageList Returns a list of all available lifecycle stages GetMicrosegmentList Returns an array silverpop api documentation the details of all microsegments.

Causes Optimove to delete all personally identifiable information associated with specified customer IDs. The values are returned in the same order as the attribute names are specified in the request.

Retrieve published messages GET. Naveen B S April 26, JREllis January 22, Reports to Silverpop api documentation post-execution metrics for campaigns silverpop api documentation by a third-party marketing execution system.


A maximum of templates may be added with one call. Once added, silverpop api documentation promotion can silverpop api documentation deleted by calling the DeletePromotions function.

Silverpop api documentation is retrieved for the last 31 days. The Login function should only be called if 20 minutes has elapsed since the sipverpop call to the API; otherwise, the authentication token received previously remains valid.

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. Pod 1 — documntation Data is retrieved for the last 31 days. RGID is treated as a distinct silverpop api documentation type in this documentation to indicate that it silverpop api documentation an integer with a limited set of possible values, as described above.

The benefits of this option include: Error — A description of the error.