18 Nov Sabarmati Riverfront project is a project undertaken in order to the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Coproration Limited (SRFDCL) will. SABARMATI RIVERFRONT DEVELOPMENT PROJECT. A Multidimensional Environmental Improvement and Urban Rejuvenation Project one of the most . The Sabarmati Riverfront project is an environmental improvement, social upliftment and urban rejuvenation project that will renew Ahmedabad. The project.

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Sabarmati Riverfront. The Narmada Canal located sabarmatti the north of the city channels water into the Sabarmati, which is retained in the river because of the existing Vasna Barrage.

This will alert our moderators to take action. This land transfer was critical without which the project could not proceed further.

Ahmedabad | Urban Regeneration

The water level in the river is retained through Vasna Barrage and the losing water is replenished by the Narmada Canal. Along with other improvements, a new convention and trade facility was proposed. The sabarmati riverfront development project plan included a proposal for creating development guidelines for the neighboring precincts. About Projects Team Publications. As a consequence, rievrfront only places from which the river could be enjoyed by citizens were the bridges.

Pols Tallest buildings Companies People Citizens awarded national civilian honours. This will alert our moderators to take action Name Reason for reporting: Before the project, the width of the river varied sabarmati riverfront development project m to m.

Over time, these informal riverfront settlements encroached to the bank of the river. All construction will have to follow certain design guidelines. Enhance connections between the east and west sides of Ahmedabad.

Key objectives were to: While the scoping of the project was undertaken, the project team pursued the issue of land transfer clearance from the Irrigation Department for Reclamation. They had no way of knowing anything, and because of the opacity of the government towards prkject project, people seemed to have sabarmati riverfront development project interest in its proceedings.

Retrieved sabarmati riverfront development project February These lines carry untreated sewage to riverrront augmented sewage treatment plants south of Vasna Barrage.

The project encompasses sabarmati riverfront development project task of developing and maintaining wide public promenades along dabarmati entire length of the river. This includes the entire stretch sabarmati riverfront development project the lower promenade, the majority of the interceptor sewer line on both banks riverfrront the pumping stations, as well as the majority of the fill portions of land.

In addition to the promenade, many new parks and gardens will be projec on the reclaimed land. A small portion of the reclaimed land will be sold for private commercial and residential developments.

Retrieved 22 July Key objectives were to:. Reduce the risk of erosion and overflow to flood-prone neighborhoods. After demarcating 18 riverfront precincts, their detailed urban design plans and guidelines were made. According to the original proposal, a portion of the reclaimed riverfront land was to be auctioned to cover the cost of development.

Retrieved 12 March Create riverfront parks, promenades and ghats steps leading to the river to enjoy the water. Three sports complexes are proposed; at Paldi 7. Various facilities are actively under construction since then. The first objective of the project is to effectively manage the river as critical infrastructure. The north part will serve as garden while the south part will biodiversity park.

In this context, one of the sabarmati riverfront development project local politicians convinced the Municipal Commissioner devslopment Ahmedabad riverfrobt enable the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation AMC to undertake an ambitious revitalization of the riverfront.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sabarmati riverfront development project project, being one of the biggest public works project in the country had manifold dimensions and a varied team. Archived from the original on 23 March Therefore, physical boundaries such as railway lines, highways, etc. Revitalize riverfront neighborhoods, and rejuvenate Ahmedabad.

Create a stronger identity sabarmati riverfront development project Ahmedabad. The planning for redevelopment of adjacent areas has also been initiated through a development plan prepared by the Ahmedabad Development Authority. The Times of India. At the outset, the project was sabarmati riverfront development project as a multidimensional environmental improvement, social uplifting, and urban rejuvenation project. The water retained in the river remains clean, and recharges the ground strata with storage of The project was formally launched by the Chief Minister of State in Therefore, by taking into consideration these factors, urban design precincts ssbarmati be planned.

Provide a site for the permanent re-housing of informal settlements along the riverbed. Total 52 buildings will be constructed including eight museums. Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. The Sabarmati has been channelized to a constant width without altering the flood carrying capacity of the river.

Sabarmati Riverfront project: Gujarat looks to promote tourism

Many more will be added so that people can easily walk up to the river. Two of the 42 plots will be sold in May Ahmedabad has always had a strong connection with the Sabarmati River. Proposed in s, the construction began in