Support – Fantom-Xa Owner’s Manuals. Owner’s Manual. END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Please read this document carefully before proceeding with. This booklet is for the new Fantom-Xa owner, and provides an introduction to some of the Fantom-Xa Workshop Series Working with Standard MIDI Files. Support. Top · Updates & Drivers · Owner’s Manuals · Support Documents · Quick Start Video · Power Adaptors · Support News · Warranty / Consumer Guarantee.

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Sample List Select a sample from the list. Patches you yourself create can be stored in this group. Data Thin Thinning Out the Sequencer Data Data Thin Continuously variable controllers such as aftertouch, pitch bend, and expression tend to create unexpectedly roland fantom xa manual amounts of data when operated.


Playing in Patch Mode Transposing the Keyboard While under most conditions, a computer similar to the above roland fantom xa manual permit normal operation of the Fantom-X Editor, Roland cannot guarantee compatibility solely on these factors. Name Voices Category No. Page Adding Effects The chorus sound will be positioned 90 degrees left and 90 degrees right. The Modulation or other controller is always on. In some cases, the volume of a phrase you resampled p.

You can select roland fantom xa manual sound generating mode state that is most appropriate for how you are playing the Fantom- Use the following procedure to switch between these modes.

You mwnual roland fantom xa manual make settings that shift the timing at which each tone is sounded. Recording Songs Recording Your Performance as You Play It Realtime Recording Realtime Recording is the recording method in which your keyboard playing and controller operations are recorded just as you perform them. Independently for the high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency regions, this compresses any sounds that exceed the specified level, making the volume more consistent.

Roland Corporation – Fantom-XA – Owner’s Manual

You can use the D Beam controller to control the sounding of the pads p. Preset groups, with each group storing 64 performances, for a total of performances.

SampleEdit Samples that you edit will be lost when you turn off the power. Contents Installing the Wave Expansion Board The indicator will light. These sections provide important information. Recording Songs Correct the Timing of Your Playing roland fantom xa manual You Record Recording Quantize The Quantize function automatically corrects inaccuracies in the timing of your keyboard or pad rolqnd, aligning the ro,and to accurate timing intervals.

The procedure is the same for any type of data.

The speed at which the pitch changes can also be specified in terms of a note-value of a specified tempo. Loaded sample can be used in patches or rhythm sets.

If you change this setting while the Fantom-Xa is connected, the computer may fail to recognize it correctly. Playing in Patch Mode Selecting Patches by Category The Fantom-Xa allows you to roland fantom xa manual a type category of patch so that you can quickly find roland fantom xa manual desired patch. Index Color Cb Ctrl Transferring Files To Or From Your Computer storage Mode Specify the Connection-Destination When the Fantom-Xa is connected to your computer, you can select the area on the Fantom-Xa to which a connection is to be made; either the internal user area or the memory card.

Roland Fantom-Xa Owner’s Manual

Hold down [ Press [ This permits playback of music data bearing the GS logo GS music data. This helps roland fantom xa manual make optimal Quantize settings. Chord Memory is a function that allows you to play chords based on pre-programmed Chord Forms, just by pressing a single key on the keyboard.

As shown in the following illustration, plug the connector of the Wave Expansion Board into the connector of the relevant slot, and at the same time insert the board holder through the hole of the Wave Expansion Board.

Page Even when I set the Pan for roland fantom xa manual Patch completely to one side, sound still comes from the other channel. If this does not resolve the problem, consult your dealer or a nearby Roland Service Station.

Page Tone Fine Tune Patch Playback Tempo Range Over Pattern Call, Tempo Change Since a phrase track or pattern contains a large amount of sequencer data, the display may be cluttered and difficult to read. Page Extracting and Moving a Part of Sequencer Data Extract This function extracts a specified sequencer data area from a phrase track or pattern and moves it to the same Song position of another phrase track or pattern.

Tone Fine Tune roland fantom xa manual Lowers the key range in semitones up to 5 semitones lower. Editing Songs Deleting Blank Measures Truncate Copying or merging may sometimes create blank measures at the beginning of a phrase track or pattern. Samples you record can be used in the same way as the waveforms that are roland fantom xa manual into the internal sound generator p.

Before roland fantom xa manual this unit, carefully read the sections entitled: For each of the three multi-effects, the chorus, and the reverb, you can specify whether it will operate according to the effect settings of the performance, or according to the effect settings of the patch or rhythm roland fantom xa manual assigned to the part you specify.

Alternatively, it is also possible to quantize a song that has already been recorded. Combining the parts will produce, thicker, fatter sounds. The Fantom-Xa has been confirmed to work with standard memory that meets the above specifications.

Page – Expanding the Memory Page – Checking that memory is installed correc