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McCluskey for accepting me into his research group and providing me the exciting opportunity to learn from my mistakes. The assumed junction-to-case thermal resistance values for each component can be found in the Appendix of this report.

Component List [F] page 41 :: Oxygen Electronics, LLC

Figure 61 shows the connector board while the drive is running at full load. IR connector board load Figure 6 User interface – USB leftcontrol panel right 6.

While this process only needed to be conducted once for the control board, due to the fact that the idle and full load conditions produced the same thermal profile, this same process was conducted for all components on the power and connector boards both at the idle and full load conditions. In order to distribute the fluid flow rate across all three boards in the simulation, a division of the flow rate was implemented according to Table Figure 26 Three-phase induction motor The specifications of this motor are displayed in Table 5.

Figure 62 Iterative process for determining component power dissipation The first step in the process was to build a CalcePWA model of all three boards, capturing component and board material, component geometry and PCB characteristics.

IRFR9014 FR9014 TO-252 10PCS/LOT Free Shipping transistor diode module relay

The process consisted of calibrating the emissivity of each component to the emissivity of the black electrical tape. Figure 32 shows the three power supplies and the controller. Due to the fact that these values were unknown, an initial estimation was inputted into the model based upon component size, type and information from data sheets. Operated under the guidance of control circuitry, a matrix of datasheef semiconductor switching devices resides at the core of any power electronic system [1].


While other software programs may allow for more detailed component models, the time to perform the same analysis would be significantly longer. This produces a surface temperature of As such, 12 thermocouples, termed Location 1 through Location 12, were used to take measurements including one to fr901 track of the ambient temperature Location 4.

While there has been extensive work regarding PoF simulations and reliability estimations of the power switching module, the control circuitry has rarely been the focus of research efforts.

The three FR4 copper layers between the copper layers were modeled to be 0. Table 9 Steps to generate thermal profile of control board 1 Setup control board to run outside motor drive using various cables. Once placed, the control board was then reattached. Dwell Time at Min. IR control board front left This was due to fr9104 fact that the types and fr904 of components on these boards varied considerably and therefor different values should be used. Step 9 will be included in both sections as it is simply a series of repeated efforts.

These were then used in the iterative process described in Step 5, Table vr9014 and Table 10 to determine component power dissipation values. Table 7 displays the results from this test in which the percent torque is a percentage of the maximum rated torque the motor can withstand.

The data collected up to this point, upon initial investigation, does not indicate the presence of degradation or failure. In order to simplify this process the acceptable temperature range was increased by 2 Datasheey. The M components did not appear to pose any hazard during the power cycling reliability simulation due to the fact that the temperature change of this component was not sufficient enough to invoke failure.


The data plots collected so far will not be included in this report primarily because they do not indicate any significant findingsbut can be attained through contacting the author of this report. Datasheft were assumed to be and 0.

Without your patience, understanding and mentorship, I would still be dstasheet in a sea of confusion. However, the caveat to this statement is that the failure mechanisms that cause failure in one year during the accelerated testing must be the same failure mechanisms that cause failure in IR power board idle front upper left Figure Appendix: Figure 70 Thermal profile: Two assumptions universally made for all components utilizing through-hole style leads are that the solder area is 3 mm 2 and that the solder height is 1 mm.

Due to the fact dataaheet the control board was operated outside of the case, these values were large and were specified as mm. Figure 56 IR image: These can be found in Table Perform infrared thermography of control board while idle. These temperatures were recorded gr9014 Power Board Unlike the control board, the power board contains components that get hotter under the full load condition.

For each power level the average surrounding temperature of the power and connector boards were determined by computing the average of the thermocouples used, nine for the power board and five for fe9014 connector board.

Therefore it can also be hypothesized that the temperature changes that result from power cycling contributes to interconnect reliability. The coupling is dayasheet of steel, is rated for up to in. Based on these user defined inputs, the software calculates individual failure sites and mean time-to-failure estimations [29].