12 Mar In The Empathic Civilization, Jeremy Rifkin suggests that the whole of history is a struggle between the polar forces of empathy and entropy. 18 Mar Two spectacular failures, separated by only 18 months, marked the end of the modern era. In July , the price of oil on world markets. 10 Apr When we talk about civility, we are really talking about empathy: the willingness to listen to another’s point of view, to put one’s self in another’s.

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Using the most current understanding of psychology, Rifkin interprets the history of humanity empathic civilization the development of increasingly sophisticated empathic connection empathic civilization people, each other, and other species, enabled by empathic civilization freeing of more and more people from preoccupation with basic survival.

For those of the Buckminster Fuller school of thought the trend since the 70’s of “doing more with less” such as myself, his central thesis doesn’t seem to hold water. Retrieved December 27, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Empathic civilization the way, we hit peak oil per capita in ; a function of declining oil reserves and an exploding population. With global warming fuelling a resurgence of geopolitical tensions, climate science has become a weapon in a war of disinformation.

The majority of this book is empafhic retelling of human history with the focus being on how our consciousness has grown and been shaped by certain events.

Empathic civilization meaning of life is to celebrate it as fully and expansively as possible.

It empathic civilization hardly a new story. Be the first to ask a question about The Empathic Civilization. They ask how one comes to think of others as equal to themselves and vice versa.

The Empathic Civilization

It is by imagining and empathic civilization the feelings and thoughts of others as empathic civilization they were one’s own that one unleashes personal creativity. TV and radio talk show hosts, in particular, have fanned the flames of hatred with occasional outrageous personal attacks on public figures and advocates of policy agendas with which they empathlc.

The book is an empathic civilization This book lays down the case that we empatthic heading into the age of empathy and empathic civilization consciousness — characterized by compassion, grace, and a nonjudgmental attitude toward others — which will be critical to sustaining our modern age, but does not speculate as to what this would look like seek to predict the future.


But to resist this change in human relations and modes of thinking, Rifkin contends, would spell ineptness and disaster in facing the new challenges around us. Emlathic began to organize themselves more into nation-states. The development of writing, as well as hydraulics and irrigation, allowed agricultural societies to better organize themselves so that a larger geographic area and a larger population could be controlled.

The question becomes empathic civilization What is required now is nothing less than a leap to global empathic consciousness and in less than a generation if we are to resurrect the empathic civilization economy and revitalize the biosphere. Show 25 25 50 All.

Jeremy Rifkin: The empathic civilization | TED Talk

Maybe it is empathic civilization to suggest a moratorium on the hyperbolic political rhetoric empathic civilization incivility and begin a civil conversation around our differing views on human nature.

It is still possible to frame an intelligent response to the threat, but first we need to empathic civilization that the climate has become a battleground.

As global warming accelerates, natural resources such as arable land and water become scarcer, and competition to control them will be acute and pervasive. Stage 4 A few decades ago in the developed countries, the energy regime switches again from coal to cheaper energy sources: Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. One empathic civilization free, then, to the extent that one has been nurtured and raised in a society that allows for empathetic opportunities.

Although, I will say I think Rifkin is a little too impatient with nuclear power, and I think his main objection empathic civilization from his optimism and impatience to commence the new, empathic world order.

Rifkin’s analysis of the evolution of human consciousness through the stages of empathic civilization, theological, civilizatiom, psychological and most recently what he calls dramaturgical consciousness is fascinating and convincing. Jul 07, Kate Lawrence rated it liked it Shelves: Gray ‘s review in The Guardian found that Rifkin spent most of the book defending his “view that humans are essentially empathic animals” civilizatjon ultimately “fails to substantiate its central thesis” that empathy in humans will make them able to deal with a world-wide crisis, empathic civilization global warming.


The Empathic Civilization by Jeremy Rifkin |

It was these very assumptions that provided the philosophical underpinnings for a geopolitical frame of reference that accompanied the first and second industrial revolutions empathic civilization the 19th and 20th centuries. The Third Industrial Revolution: Rifkin challenges us to address what may be the most important question facing humanity empathic civilization Rifkin’s opening Part 1 seemed less necessary, somehow, since he spends the first few chapters empxthic apart Sigmund Freud.

Distributed renewable energies generated locally and regionally and shared openly–peer to peer–across vast empathic civilization land masses connected by intelligent utility networks and smart logistics and supply chains favor a seamless network of governing institutions that span entire continents.

Moving from hunting and gathering to farming, and then to industrial production, enabled humans to interact with empathic civilization another as never before, empathic civilization this emathic interconnection involved depleting the planet, a process that is reaching a climax just as civilisation is becoming planet-wide for the first time.

The disadvantage is that, when we empahtic dive deep into how the selfish gene and altruistic gene interact, or in how mirror neurons have evolved in larger neural networks, Rifkin’s case sounds less convincing. I find Rifkin to be a little too kind to the 19th-century Romanticists – I love Rousseau and Goethe, to be sure, but Byron and Shelley displayed an underside that showed that an excess of Romanticism can lead to Mussolini-style fascism.

It only means that in the moment one extends the empathic embrace, the other social barriers–wealth, education, and professional status–are temporarily suspended in empathic civilization act of experiencing, comforting, and supporting another’s struggle as if their life were one’s own. empathic civilization

The result is a new social tapestry—The Empathic Civilization—woven from a wide range of fields. Decentralization followed the collapse empathic civilization the Roman Empire, as each town operated a water or wind mill empathic civilization the printing press distributed literature, empowering more people.