company. Lot of companies are hiring through eLitmus pH test only and they take your percentile exam, it’s very important to know about the eLitmus Syllabus. e-Litmus. pH Test Syllabus. eLitmus ph test Result: pH scores are declared in your eLitmus account within 18 days of your pH test date. Usually the result. what is elitmus exam pattern for ? What is elitmus ph test syllabus?.

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Every question is mapped to one of these skills. Ability to create gradient in the top quartile of test-takers by using handicap-based negative marking and a highly-researched test form design. A dedicated, cross-functional team of experts is continuously working towards improving the pH Test.

A section of eLitmus customers share the non-soft skill appraisal of the selected candidates with eLitmus. If the net score of a student is 32, the number of questions answered wrongly by that student cannot be less than. You can study from our eLitmus Dashboard. Sample Exam Experience by Student who gave eLitmus after the percentile graph is given.

A person marking Delhi as an answer is treated differently as compared to a person marking Pph or Bangalore. So, whenver companies become active you will get call from that company. Students should mark their answers in the OMR Sheets.

Printout of eAadhar is not accepted. Correct Let the number of questions answered correctly be x and the number of questions answered wrongly be y. My score was The assessment test conducted by eLitmus is called as the pH test or hiring potential test. But you must give proper dedication and time to be able to wyllabus so. Very basic research establishes that the performance of a test-taker can vary across sets when questions are jumbled randomly.


Hence, no more than 3 attempts are recommended. Focus on the following topics to get a good score, I must say a very good py above 90 percentile.

Elitmus Syllabus 2017, Test Pattern, Sample Papers – eLitmus

Remaining questions were paragraph type and each paragraph had around 3 questions to it. I will say since The exam is very tough. People with high scores in verbal section were rated poor team players and communicators. No limit anyone can take. The normal curve figure along side is self explanatory.

You have already completed the quiz before. Total E-litmus test will have 3 sections with 20 questions each. So if of these 24 questions following can be the scenario. The total elitmuz of ways in which this can be done is. Also make sure that you like our facebook page here. Our proprietary pH Test evaluates job seekers based on a variety of parameters, and grades them nationwide using an advanced statistical model, resulting in a pH Score for each candidate.

While preparing for the eLitmus exam, you need to check the eLitmus syllabus and prepare topics in the order of importance.

Is there any limit on the number of times I can give eLitmus? You should buy Arun Sharma books for Quants, Logical and Verbal and it is a must buy to do general eLitmus preparation. It is recommended that a student looks at what companies are hiring at any point of time and then take the test. Tests have an inherent twst towards creating gradient at the higher end of the talent pool, thereby giving inaccurate results.


Why is it that most successful takers of such tests fail to impress recruiters anymore? Offline test requires eLitmus to develop only question papers per year, with no test or question sylabus repeated.

elitmus ph test syllabus, elitmus exam pattern, elitmus test pattern – Elitmus Test Forum

The result is usually received within a week but in seldom cases, it can take up to two weeks. Seconly, the resources ex: Try to score as much as possible in Verbal Section as it will boost your score.

Can I give eLitmus again? The table below has data gathered from results of a leading MBA entrance test in India, primarily designed to cater to the needs of the very top B Schools in India.

eLitmus Syllabus and Test Pattern 2018 for eLitmus written pH Test

This test is used by most of the companies including some fortune companies like Dell, General Electric, etc. In a certain eljtmus paper, there are n questions.

Register with your social profile. Elitmus notes down your Class 10 marksheet certificate. In how many days are eLitmus results declared? Negative marks are awarded for each wrong attempt and are a fraction of the marks awarded for the right answers.