Emmanuel Eni is a crazy Nigerian author who penned a page booklet entitled Delivered from the Powers of Darkness, published by. Delivered from the Powers of Darkness has 44 ratings and 4 reviews. ♥Mary♢ Sweet♧Dreams♤Are♥Made♢of♧This♤ said: This book was very informative and . DELIVERED FROM THE POWERS OF DARAKNESS (by Emmanuel ENI) -God , translating me from the power of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son.

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The contractor was held responsible for not laying a good foundation and paid dearly for it. She in turn would win another and ;ower on.

Delivered from the Powers of Darkness by Emmanuel Amos Eni

Jesus Christ emphasized this three times when he asked Peter: On returning to Lagos, I continued in my business and after two weeks I went back to the sea. Many started sleeping, choruses were sung weakly and things went zig-zag.

Whatever he gives you is for an exchange with your soul. We entered a room and He opened something like a curtain. My late uncle’s wife, who is also a Christian, took me to one of the pastors, but the question he asked was: I did not know why I woke up so I walked to the living room and what I saw was a large tortoise facing me.

My younger sister Chinyere and I were sent to our grand parents. Alice rejected their offer and requested that I be allowed to live with her in her own flat.


I could not continue. I have already said much on this earlier, but just to give a few instances. I struggled up and stood like an iron.

The Scripture enjoins us eno delight in the Word of God, ghe on it day and night. So a few of us decided to visit her at her house and to find out what was really wrong with her. But for a real Christian, one of these girls, after the service, would jump out to greet you and would desire to know your house with the pretext that she was new in town and did not know many Darkbess around.

He also told us that we should not fight the hypocrites. Some called the police, others took the laws into their hands and planned to do away with my life.

In the evil spirit world he is known as a man of God. During this period the Queen of the Coast’s agents started pursuing deliered. Perhaps they would increase my powers, so I decided to try. It all started one day, after a Sunday service, a ‘sister’ female believer in Christ, so she thought came to her and expressed her desire to be close to her because, according to this ‘sister,’ she admires sister J’s Christian life. Encounter with eemmanuel Occult World. Make sure the demon is bound, cast out and sent to a specific destination, and forbid to enter again.

They function through idols in the practice of idolatry Zachariah delivreed Do not play around with the devil. She introduced me to them and I was welcomed. They may decide to come spiritually and cause the people to sleep while the preaching is going on.


Chinedum and his parents died on the spot! Some of these young people were students, undergraduates, graduates, teachers etc.

Delivered from the Powers of Darkness

With this she left. That at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth and things under the earth: I never said yes or no to her. I could no longer bear these fearful happenings so I decided to ask her, and the first reaction was violence and serious warning. There are other methods but pf thing Satan does is that: I reflected in my mind why anyone would want to kill me knowing I had no parents.

Mugerwasteven rated it liked it Aug 26, Devil’s in the details. Wherefore God also had highly exalted Him, and given Him a Name which is above every name: My Meeting with Satan I later went back to Lagos.