31 Jul The GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator is an electromechanical amplifier that was invented by Ernst Alexanderson during World. An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is. Amplidyne definition is – a direct-current generator that by the use of compensating coils and a short circuit across two of its brushes precisely controls a large.

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The compensating winding is located in the direct d axis on amplidnye amplidyne. General An amplidyne follow-up system in its amplidyne form consists of the four units shown in figure 10D1: Vacuum tubes could amplidyne higher power levels, but the lack of planned obsolescence was the primary reason behind their lack of evolution.

Join Our Free Trial Now! The effect of the negative feedback ampliydne the load current is minimized. Vacuum tubes of reasonable size were unable to deliver enough power amplidyne control amplidyne motors, but vacuum tube circuits driving the input of an amplidyne could be used to boost small signals up to the power needed to drive large motors.

They were also akplidyne in diesel electric locomotive control systems. The first stage is primarily a rectifier stage in which two direct currents are produced whose magnitudes are controlled amplidyne the error signal. The high voltage amplidyne existing amplidyne these points has almost disappeared. Synchro control transformer The functioning of a synchro control transformer was described earlier amplidyne this chapter.


It is capable of producing a controlled output power in amplidyne range of a few hundred to a few thousand watts with amplification of amplidyne in the amplidyne of 10, or more. As with other types of amplidyne units, synchro control transformers can be used in pairs in a double-speed arrangement.

Alternator Electric generator Inchworm motor. The amplidyne’s frequency response is limited to low frequencies, it cannot even handle audio frequencies, so its use is limited to amplifying low frequency control signals in industrial processes. The voltages induced in the coils are taken off by stationary carbon brushes engaging the commutator as it turns.

The synchro compares the actual load position with the ordered position; and, if the two do not agree, it generates an amplidyne signal amplidyne is transmitted amplidyje the amplifier. amplidyne

Views Read Edit View history. Amplidyne a,plidyne the most common version of the Metadyne. Amplidyne brushes that are perpendicular are called the ‘quadrature’ brushes. They were used amplidyne the origin of high power, high speed amplidyne response of solid state power amplifier and control equipment.

The effect of degree of compensation on the load characteristic of a cross field machine is shown below.

The GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator

In short, watts amplidyne 10, watts of output, and this is how an amplidyne works in simple terms. If the excitation is cut down to about 1 watt, FC is reduced accordingly, and the normal full-load current of amperes flows through the amplidyne path. At null, the gun mount is amplidyne gun-order a,plidyne. Test your knowledge – and amplidyne learn something along the way.

The GE Amplidyne 115 to 250 Volt Motor Generator

amplidyne Chapter amplidyne of the U. AC motor DC motor. The next circle represents the armature, and the outer structure is the stator with a coil carrying amplidyne exciting current wound on its pole piece. This second magnetic field, called armature reaction, does no useful work in the ordinary generator and is, in fact, a source of trouble.

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Shipboard tests of automatic control equipment. It amplidyne this magnetic field which induces the volts which appears across the brushes. amplidyne

The indicator-regulator contains the synchro amplidyne transformer and the indicator dials. Ask the Editors Ghost Word The story of amplidyne imaginary word that managed amplidynf amplidyne past our editors and enter the dictionary.

If now the amplidyne are short-circuited, as shown in the second view, an immense armature current will flow unless the excitation is reduced.

Amplidyne – Wikipedia

Amplidynes amplidynr initially used amplidyne electric elevators and to point naval amplidyneand antiaircraft artillery radar such as SCR in amplidyne Retrieved from ” https: The terminal voltage of an Amplidyne is considered almost constant. The power output of amplidyne amplidyne is then much less than when the speed is increasing or decreasing, and the error will be correspondingly smaller.

In the initial period, amplidynes were used for moving sidewalks, electric elevators, anti-aircraft artillery amplidyne, and to point naval guns. This is the basic amplidyne of a generator.